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The Minr Showdown


Sleepy Forest Girl
Feb 7, 2016

Welcome to the 'Showdown Isles', the setting for the first ever Minr Showdown!

What is this?
A Tournament, competition event, gameshow! Whatever word you would like to use to describe it. Players will compete against eachother in challenges while building and betraying alliances in order to be the last one standing. Somewhat inspired by other media such as Survivor or the Gelinor Games, but don't need to have any info about those in order to compete!!

Where is this?

This event will take part partially on minr, with in game challenges aswell as on discord where players can talk strategy and partake in smaller weekly challenges.

When is this?
The Showdown will start on October 22nd (hmmmmm) and will run for a set amount of weeks depending on signups. Aiming to have it end somewhere in december before the holidays.

Hey Marri, you haven't actually explained anything here, tell us more!
Well alright, here's a more detailed overview of the event.
The Minr Showdown will be divided into 'Weeks'. Each week contains a smaller challenge on discord (A Trial) that players can work on at any time, a larger challenge on Minr at a set time every weekend, and an elimination challenge (also on minr) where the losing teams are eliminated from the contest.

It will be played in teams of 2, but signups are done solo! You will later be able to request teammates, but I can't guarantee that you'll play with a specific person. It is however a great opportunity to compete with someone new!

Trials are contest taking place on discord that are announced on mondays and allow teams to perform it at any time during the week. It could for example be drawing something to a silly prompt, where competitors and spectators then get to vote on the winner. Top performers get a small advantage in this weeks Showdown Challenge.
Anyone can partake in Trials, including spectators and eliminated players. Have a funny idea? Submit it! If you win, you get to pick your favourite team to get the prize.

Showdown Challenges are the major weekly events, taking place on the Minr Server. I won't give any examples of what you might see here to keep my secrets but it'll be a larger event lasting for up to 2 hours where top performers get perks such as immunity from the elimination challenge or extra votes. If you lose however, you mind find yourself in an....

Elimination Challenge, which marks the end of each week. Teams may end up here by either getting last in showdown challenges, or by being voted into one by the other teams, as after each showdown challenge every team will submit votes for one other team to send them directly to elimination! Elimination challenges are shorter more cutthroat contests where the lowest performers are eliminated from the event.

Okay sounds cool, but how do I join?
Reply to this post! (And join the discord server once it opens)
If you sign up, because the format of the event requires a larger group of players to meet each week, I ask that you're free on most Saturdays at 2pm est (8pm cest) for up to ~3 hours. However, sometimes more important things come up, or you become sick etc which means that if you're unable to partake, that's fine!

To solve this, I will also accept players to sign up as substitutes. Wont be available all weeks but still want a chance to play? Sign up as a sub! You'll be asked to fill in for players unable to participate in a weekly challenge, either as a one time assistance or permanent if necessary.

Because some challenges include greenie permissions and areas, only Greenie+ players will be able to sign up as main players, but blues are more than welcome to sign up as subs! Some challenges are perfectly compatible with blue permissions, and you may be asked to hop in for a week!

One final note, currently I'm looking at a 24 player format, but can both lower or increase this if necessary. This means that if there's a lot of signups you may not be able to partake as a main player.

Discord server link should be up soon-ish, and if you have any questions feel free to send them here on the thread or to me on discord. I've been working on this one for a little bit, so I hope anyone partaking will have fun!!


Update: Discord server is now up, join here! https://discord.gg/3hQZE7zfTZ
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Oct 26, 2017
{Edit} Schedule coming up looks hectic count me as a sub
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Oct 1, 2023
signing up for the showdown (as a sub rn, working on green)

Edit: dont know why it thinks I'm white. I am currently in hardcore.
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